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Childcraft features a classic blend of photos, illustrations, fiction, and nonfiction to capture and keep the interest of a young child.

Key features:
  • Concepts explained with age-appropriate text and graphics
  • "Know It All" feature
  • Controlled vocabulary and glossaries
  • Helps develop research skills
  • Updated to meet curriculum needs 

The multi-volume Childcraft set explains a wide range of concepts simply, with age-appropriate text and bold graphics. Each volume covers a different topic in ways that help to build research skills.

  • Art Around Us encourages young readers to explore visual and performing arts from around the world.
  • The World of Animals surveys many different kinds of animals
  • The World of Plants invites the reader to discover how plants live and grow.
  • Students will learn about our world, the stars, the sun, the moon, and other planets in Our Earth and Our Universe.
  • The volumes How Does It Happen and How Things Work explore the forces and machines that build and change the world around us.
  • Shapes and Numbers introduces young students to basic concepts of arithmetic.
  • About You is about, well, you: your skin, bones, muscles, senses, and more.
  • Who We Are explores the names, activities, communities, foods, and traditions that make up our identities.
  • Celebrate! teaches about the many holidays celebrated around the world.

Titles in this series:

  • About You
  • Art Around Us
  • Celebrate!
  • How Does it Happen?
  • How Things Work
  • Our Earth
  • See the World
  • Shapes and Numbers
  • The Universe
  • Who We Are
  • The World of Animals
  • The World of Plants

ISBN: 978-0-7166-2264-2

For more information on Childcraft:
Call: Basic Skills Education Services (7 days)
Mobile: 0412 117 970

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